Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul, REALLY Exposed Video Rebuttal!

This website serves to expose Paul Sides who teaches as Rav Shaul on, as he’s false teacher about Messiah, proclaiming that he was 100% human and that He sinned.

On 03/31/17, Paul Sides posted a YouTube video called RavShaulExposed. The description says: Rav Sha’ul REALLY Exposed!

Someone commented today on a post that I made about him on Facebook on 05/17/16, and Paul had posted a link to this video on the thread, so I’m making this post as a more complete rebuttal of what he says in the video.

My comments are in red. 

Yahuah has forgiven me and forgotten my “past”.

The website exposes his “present” teachings, that Messiah was 100% human and a sinner, who became a god; so this statement doesn’t apply.

The Rav Sha’ul Exposed website is an attack piece, tabloid garbage.

Attack piece? We are called to expose false teachings: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

Teaching the truth about Messiah and His relationship with His Father is not tabloid garbage. Teaching that Messiah was a sinful made who became a god, is tabloid garbage.

It is a false witness and hatchet job on my life and my teachings.

Read the Paul Sides Is A False Teacher page and you see that Paul Sides is a false witness about Messiah.

Here is a summary of what Paul Sides, who writes books under the name Rav Sha’ul, has proclaimed about Messiah:

He was not deity, but 100% human.

He was supernaturally conceived with the seed of His biological father Joseph.

He went to John to be baptized for repentance of sin.

He had to have His sin washed away.

There is no requirement for Messiah to live His entire life with no sin.

He was not born “obedient”, but rather disobedient.

He had to learn obedience like every other human being.

He was married to Mary Magdalene and had children, one them was the Apostle John.

And that His physical body wasn’t resurrected, just His spiritual one.

Showing photos 15 YEARS in my past, pictures of my wife take BEFORE we were married.

Some of the following images of Stephanie used to be on this website, because they exposed what kind of person she is, which tells you something about Paul Sides. But I took them down, because I wanted to focus to be on Rav Shaul’s false teachings.  And because Stephanie and Paul are no longer a couple, it’s not relevant. 

As for them being more than 15 years old, that’s a lie from Paul Sides.

Here’s a Facebook post from Stephanie from 2012, saying she didn’t know if she should be proud or scared that her son had this picture.

Here’s one that Paul Sides posted of his wife in 2012, which should not be shared with others, just kept to himself.

Paul Sides posted this bikini shot of Stephanie

Here’s a picture of her crude shirt from 2014.

Here’s one of them celebrating pagan Valentines in 2015.  

Here’s one which features her chest, I mean her owl eyes t-shirt; to which one friend drops the F-bomb, and Paul Sides said “Bam”.

Stephanie posted that she worked 10 days straight on 05/13/16, obviously violating the Sabbath day.

Stephanie posted tips about passing out Halloween candy on 10/19/16.

Stephanie posted this tip on getting into secret bars on 12/29/16. 

Stephanie posted on 01/27/16 about studying for her bartender test.  

Stephanie posted on 03/06/16 about wanting to go to an adult frat (drinking) party.

Stephanie posted about pagan Easter eggs on 04/16/17.

Stephanie posted these pagan Christmas photos on 12/27/17. 

Stephanie Sides Christmas

You can clearly see that Paul Sides is lying about the images being more than 15 years old, and we see the true character of Paul and Stephanie Sides, who are hypocrites.

It is a text book example of a FALSE WITNESS, produced by a man, who in hatred, set out to slander a man who has long ago return to his Father.

What irony! He’s proclaims that Messiah sinned, I prove that Scripture says that he was without sin; and he accuses me of false witness. He claims that Messiah did not exist before his birth, I prove that Scripture declares that Messiah existed before the creation of this universe; and he accuses me of false witness.

It is a public execution of my character and an abomination to Yahuah’s promises.

After asking questions and trying to have a discussion with Rav Shaul, only to be blocked; this website serves as a public rebuke to his false teachings about Messiah. His character is revealed by the false teachings and by the posts that he makes on Facebook.

Yahuah promised us The Way whereby we are forgiven and restored. My wife and I have walked The Way for the past 10 year! We have LONG AGO been forgiven for our past and Yahuah has forgotten what YOU crucify us for!

The pictures show you that they celebrated Valentines and Christmas, and that they posted crude things. And he is liable for the false teachings about Messiah. 

Those of you who spread that website, slander my family, and DENY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB over our lives… will have no sacrifice for your sin. As Yahuah will just you by that same standard… and deny you the Blood of the Lamb to cover YOUR life and judge YOU for your past!

It’s ironic that Paul Sides denies the deity of Messiah, but he proclaims that Messiah’s blood covers the sins of his life.

He denies the deity of Messiah, which denies Yahuah’s perfect plan for our redemption.

The focus on this website is not about what Paul Sides and Stephanie have done in the past, it’s about his false teachings.

Thank David, the murderer (hatred for a brother is murder) who has stone his brother to death for what Yahuah has FORGOTTEN… for costing YOU your eternal life by causing you to do the same thing.

I hate the teachings of Paul Sides, which portray a false Messiah and mislead people; but I do not hate Paul Sides.

It’s amazing that teaching Scriptural truth is considered hate. It’s out of love that I created this website, as it breaks my heart to see people who have who have come out of Christianity, be misled by such blasphemous teachings.   

REPENT! Your hatred for me is not worth your eternal life for mocking Yahuah’s promise to forgive my sin and remember it no more through Mikveh.

Your sins are still with you Paul Sides, for you have not repented about your false teachings, and you continue to mislead people. You deny Messiah His rightful place, as deity, who was with His Father when this world was created.

And you have perverted the Word of Yahuah, by adding to the words of Scripture!

I rebuke you for your lies against me! I rebuke you for your false teachings about Yahusha!

Read Paul Sides Is A False Bible Translator

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2 thoughts on “Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul, REALLY Exposed Video Rebuttal!”

  1. Why?
    What is the purpose of this?
    Since you believe, shouldn’t it be easy to believe too that YAHUAH, can forgive?
    We have all done things that caused us to fall short of the glory of YAHUAH.
    We all must repent and be washed in the blood of the sacrificial lamb.
    That includes you and all that have been born of a woman.
    You continue to judge one that the Father of Creation, has forgiven and thrown his sins into the sea of forgetfulness.

    • What is the purpose of your question Walter? Have you been misled by Paul Sides into believing that Messiah was 100% human, that he sinned and became a god?


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