Paul Sides, Rav Sha’ul, Translation Of Galatians 6

This Rav Sha’ul Exposed study is about Paul Sides’ Bible translation of the book of Galatians, chapter 6.

Before we start, you need to understand what Rav Sha’ul is proclaiming with the false concept of the Yahushaic Covenant. Obviously, this is just a summary:

Paul Sides teaches that Yahusha was 100% man, because his biological father was Joseph. He teaches that Yahusha sinned and need to be baptized by John for remission of sins. He teaches that just like Elohim made covenants with men like Abraham and Moses, Yahuah made a covenant with Yahusha.  He teaches that after Messiah became perfected and lived a sinless life as a priest, and died to Himself on the cross, that He was then made divine.

You can see Biblical proof that Paul Sides claims about Messiah are false in this study: Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

So given Paul Sides teachings, we need to look at how he changes the intent and context of Scripture, to remove Messiah from His rightly place; as the Father’s first-born creation, thus He is deity, as the co-Creator, and as the spotless Lamb of Elohim.

For each verse of his version I will provide the matching verse from the ISR 98, which is a literal word for word translation, and I will provide comments when needed. The main point is to help you see how many words he has added to the Greek text..

The ISR 98 matches the names of the Father and Son that Paul Sides is using, that of Yahuah the Father, and Yahusha the Son.

The Law of Love, is lovingly coming together to keep The Law of Yahuah

1 Brothers, if a man is indeed overtaken in some habitual sin, those of you who are spiritual who walk in the Spirit of Loving Obedience to the Law; strong in the Spiritual Intent of the Law of Yahuah, restore him in a spirit of humility; considering yourself, that you can also be tempted and fall.

Brothers, if a man is overtaken in some trespass, you the spiritual ones, set such a one straight in a spirit of meekness, looking at yourself lest you be tried too.” ISR 98

Why capitalize words like loving, obedience, spiritual, intent, and spirit; if they are not a proper name?

2 By bearing one another’s trials and temptations in this way, all of you will fulfill the ordained Law Of love — To produce a Spiritually Perfected Son of Yahuah.

Bear one another’s burdens, and so complete the Torah of Messiah.” ISR 98

The text says ‘Torah of Messiah’, but Paul Sides removed that and changed it to falsely imply that Messiah had to become perfect, as He was sinful.

3 For if anyone thinks himself to be better than everyone else; too spiritually strong to sin, when he is nothing but fifthly rags Isaiah 64:6; actually spiritually weak depending on Grace, the covering of the death decrees by the blood of the Lamb for justification, he deceives himself.

For if anyone thinks himself to be somebody, when he is not, he deceives himself.” ISR 98

4 But let every person carefully test the Spirit within himself and prove his own work; deeds and conduct by The Law, then he will have reason to rejoice in himself alone, and not in another.

But let each one examine his own work, and then he shall have boasting in himself alone, and not in another.” ISR 98

Those who are being trained, should support their Teacher’s Ministry to further the Kingdom

5 For each one must carry the financial load that has to be carried to further the faith.

For each one shall bear his own burden.” ISR 98

The Apostle Paul is not talking about carry the financial load.

He is saying that each person should carefully watch themselves not others, because every man will be judged before Elohim according to his own life, and not by comparing himself with other men.

6 Let him who is being trained in the Law of Yahuah share all good things bearing the financial burden with him who is mentoring them in the faith, thereby contributing to the ministry of his spiritual teacher, because no soldier serves on the front lines at their own expense. As a worker serving you, your teacher is worthy of his wage.

And let him who is instructed in the Word share in all that is good, with him who is instructing.” ISR 98

The text mentions nothing about bearing the financial burden of spiritual teachers, but Paul Sides inserts it in an obvious attempt to get people to support him and Ed Moore.

7 Do not be deceived, Yahuah is not mocked. He will not give you an inheritance in a Kingdom you DID NOT SUPPORT; for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap.

Do not be led astray: Elohim is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap.” ISR 98

He is manipulating the text to imply that if people don’t support teachers like him, they will not get an inheritance.

8 For he who sows to his flesh and his own physical life, from the flesh will reap corruption and die; but he who sows to Yahuah and supports his teachers and financially grow His Kingdom now in this life, from Yahuah will reap everlasting life.

Because he who sows to his own flesh shall reap corruption from the flesh, but he who sows to the Spirit shall reap everlasting life from the Spirit.” ISR 98

Once again, this verse is not about financial support; it’s about dying to flesh and living in obedience.

9 And let us not grow weary of doing righteousness and investing in His Kingdom, for in due time, when the Kingdom comes, we will reap, if we do not faint; if we endure to the end.

And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not grow weary.” ISR 98

The Apostle Paul is clearly encouraging us to persevere in doing good works of the Kingdom of Yahuah, but Paul Sides continues to push the need for investing in His Kingdom, in other words to support Paul and Ed Moore. 

10 Therefore, as the opportunity arises, let us do righteousness to all, especially to the members of the family of the faith; our teachers, mentors, and those in need; supporting The Household of Yahuah.

So then, as we have occasion, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of the belief.” ISR 98

Once again Paul Sides is promoting the need to financially support teachers and mentors, meaning him and Ed Sides.  He is shameless!

Closing salutation and a plea

11 You see how large a letter I have written to you with my own hands.

See with what big letters I have written to you with my own hand!” ISR 98

12 Now those who want to make a fair show; an outward appearance, in the flesh, will try to force you to become a Yahdai, but only so they will not be persecuted by suffering and death as a saint.

As many as wish to make a good show in the flesh, these compel you to be circumcised, only so that they should not be persecuted for the stake of Messiah.” ISR 98

Paul Sides removed the Apostle Paul’s words about being circumcised, and the stake of Messiah.  He is removing words, which changes the meaning, which is a violation.

13 For those who are Yahdaim are not keeping the Law of Yahuah, but the Talmud/Human Traditions. However, they want you to become a Yahdai and submit to their human traditions/Talmud so they might boast in your flesh!

For those who are circumcised do not even watch over the Torah, but they wish to have you circumcised so that they might boast in your flesh.” ISR 98

14 But for me, by no means do I boast, except in the reconciliation of both the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and The House of Judah through Yahusha Messiah. Who came to tear down the dividing wall between the two houses. In covenant with Yahusha, the world is dead to me, and I to the world having died and been reborn to a new life through Mikveh.

And for me, let it not be that I should boast except in the stake of our Master יהושע Messiah, through whom the world has been impaled to me, and I to the world.” ISR 98

Paul Sides took away the title ‘Master’, stealing reverence from Messiah.

15 For in The Yahushaic Covenant, neither Yahdai nor Gentile prevails in anything–but rather the new creation will prevail: the perfected sons of Yahuah. The chosen few from both Houses of Israel called Remnant Israel.

For in Messiah יהושע neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any strength, but a renewed creature.” ISR 98 1 Footnote: 11 Cor. 7:19, Rom. 2:26-29, 2 Cor. 5:17.

The Apostle Paul is declaring that circumcision has no value; but Paul Sides didn’t even use the word circumcision in his verse, which changes the meaning, and is a violation.

16 And as many as walk according to this righteous standard of obedience to the intent of The Law as Yahusha did, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon Remnant Israel; chosen, of Yahuah.

And as many as walk according to this rule, peace and compassion be upon them, and upon the Yisra’ĕl of Elohim.” ISR 98

Rav Sha’ul added in The Law of Yahusha, which is nowhere to be found in the Apostle Paul’s words.

17 From now on let no man trouble me, for I bear in my Spirit, the marks of Yahusha the King as I keep his memory and sacrifice alive every Passover.

From now on let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the scars of the Master יהושע” ISR 98

18 Brothers, the mercy of our King, Yahusha Messiah, be with your spirit. Praise Yahuah! HalleluYahuah and Worthy is the Lamb!

The favour of our Master יהושע Messiah be with your spirit, brothers. Amĕn.” ISR 98

Paul Sides took away the title ‘Master’, stealing reverence from Messiah.

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