Rav Shaul Teaches His Followers That They Are Gods Just Like Yahusha

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a blasphemer, who proclaims that he is deity and can forgive sin.

Paul Sides, who writes as Rav Sha’ul on Sabbathcovenant.com, posted this on Facebook.  My comments are in red.

I want each one of you to read this link CAREFULLY!

I, Rav Sha’ul, hold to the SAME testimony given of Yahusha the Nazarene… every last one of them. He was not some half human/half divine pre-existing demi-god. He was a Nazarene, just like me.

So while I am working on explaining all the various meanings of Water, Blood, and Spirit as it applies to The Heavenly and Earthly Scrolls, how it applies to Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering, how it applies to Signed, Sealed, and Delivered…

We all need to know, in detail, what witness was given of Yahuah’s firstborn son (of the DEAD, RESURRECTION)…

So let us simply list the declarations made by The Nazarene or made of him by his followers. Then I will demonstrate that each and every one of these declarations apply to all of the children of Yahuah. This is literally the declaration of our birthright and it belongs to all of us!

It is “The Nazarene Creed” and I, Rav Sha’ul, declare that I am a Son of God in every way my elder brother was when he walked this Earth!

•known by Yahuah before the foundation of the world

•the son of man

•came into being/born “according to the flesh”; begotten “according to the Ruach”

•fulfilled the Righteous requirements of The Law

•embody the fullness of deity in human form

•the image of the Almighty God


•the son of God

•eternal priest in the order of Zadok

•King in the order of Melchizedek

•one with the Father

•set apart during earthly life by the Ruach

•a Righteous Judge over the Nations

•demonstrated The Way by our life example

•brought a living sacrifice, a perfect Lamb on Passover

•defeated The Law of Sin and Death, through resurrection

•have the authority to forgive sin

All Nazarenes have this Birthright and should boldly declare that they are sons of Yahuah, just like Yahusha did. Yahusha never claimed to be Yahuah, or even equal to Yahuah. In fact, he said he could not even conceive of such blasphemy!

Messiah was accused of blasphemy for proclaiming to be “the son of Elohim” and for proclaiming to forgive sins.

If He was not deity, those accusations would have been accurate.

When you make Messiah just a man, like Paul Sides has done, you can then proclaim to become a god.

Rav Sha’ul is not deity.  He is a blasphemer, who is guilty of denying that Messiah is deity who came in the flesh.

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