Paul Sides Is Promoting A Pyramid Scheme Called BitLocity

This website serves to expose Paul Sides who teaches as Rav Shaul on, as he’s false teacher about Messiah, proclaiming that he was 100% human and that He sinned.

This post isn’t about the teachings of Paul Sides, but his promotion of a pyramid scheme called BitLocity. He’s not just promoting it under his name, but under The Sabbath Covenant banner, which directly links it with his ministry for Yahuah.

Paul Sides is promoting a pyramid scheme called BitLocity

The definition of a pyramid scheme is when a company has no product to market, which is the case here. All they are doing is taking money from people, moving it into other people’s pockets, and the profits are paid out in BitCoin.

BitLocity has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market BitLocity affiliate membership itself. Here’s the membership levels that people are paying.

Bronze – $25
Silver – $50
Gold – $75
Platinum – $100
Pearl – $200
Amber – $500
Ruby – $750
Sapphire – $1000
Emerald – $2000
Diamond – $5000
Double Diamond – $10,000
Blue Diamond – $20,000
Ambassador – $50,000
Crown Ambassador – $100,000

BitLocity is the same old money game models that have been used to scam people for decades. BitLocity combines cash gifting with pyramid recruitment, with payments made in bitcoin in the hope of dodging regulators. This is because BitLocity’s business model is completely illegal in the US and everywhere else in the world.

“Crowd funding” means that the crowd of little people fund the commissions for others. Rav makes this terms sound nice, but it’s just a Ponzi Scheme, which takes money from one person’s pocket and puts it into someone else’s pocket.

Paul Sides, how does a prophet of Yahuah promote a pyramid scheme, which effectively steals money from people? The company can’t pay commissions without people losing their money!

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