The Sabbath Covenant Ministry Funding Plan

This Rav Sha’ul Exposed page is about Paul Sides’ Sabbath Covenant Ministry Funding Plan.

On 05/30/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this about the launch of The Sabbath Covenant Distribution Channel: (My comments are in red)

************************* MAJOR ANNOUNCENT *****************************

The Sabbath Covenant wants YOU! Do you want to fulfill The Great Commission with your life, build your own fully funded ministry within a family of Nazarenes? All by simply giving away the books in The Original Revelation Series and changing lives!

Here is a summary of what Paul Sides, who writes books under the name Rav Sha’ul, has proclaimed about Messiah:

He was not deity, but 100% human.

He was supernaturally conceived with the seed of His biological father Joseph.

He went to John to be baptized for repentance of sin.

He had to have His sin washed away.

There is no requirement for Messiah to live His entire life with no sin.

He was not born “obedient”, but rather disobedient.

He had to learn obedience like every other human being.

He was married to Mary Magdalene and had children, one them was the Apostle John.

And that His physical body wasn’t resurrected, just His spiritual one.

Promoting that false doctrine is not The Great Commission!

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—————————–Growing your ministry —————————-
As you build your ministry under The Sabbath Covenant and add Nazarenes into this cause, you will earn a simple 50/50 split of all the monthly donations from those you mentored into the faith:

—– 1 to 50 Nazarenes – You earn $25 for every monthly contribution made by your Nazarenes. Your residual income when you hit 50: $1,250/month.

—— 51 to 100 Nazarenes – You earn $25 on all those you brought in. Your residual income at 100: $2,500/month.

—– 101 to 200 Nazarenes – You earn $25 on all those you brought in. Your residual income at 200: $5,000/month.

—– 201 to 500+ Nazarenes – You earn $25 on all those you brought in. Your residual income at 500: $12,500/month.

This means that Rav Shaul will keep $25 for every member.

This is not a pyramid, it pays 1 level deep unlimited WIDE!

Oh, there will be a pyramid alright, as people who sign up under 1st level people will be on the 2nd level.  And people who sign up under them will be on the 3rd level.  And that can continue on indefinitely.

But members won’t make money on the extra levels of the pyramid, only Paul Sides will. 

A pyramid structure would have provided more income to members, as they would make income on the team that they built.  

Instead, Paul Sides pockets 50%  of all of the money, from all of the levels.

Let’ say Yahuah really blesses this message (which He is already doing, YOU are evidence and a witness) and you serve His Kingdom for long enough and you have 1,000 Nazarene. Your monthly residual income: $25,000/month with unlimited income potential as you continue giving these books away and change lives. At this point, you are in a position to make a HUGE impact. I will be providing direction on how to manage this money for His Kingdom.

If Yahuah was really blessing this ministry, Paul Sides wouldn’t have to put together this funding program.  

It will be interesting, because if he’s paying out commissions to people, then tax issues will arise.  

Please take the time to read this Announcement and strongly consider becoming an active Nazarene Minister of The Sabbath Covenant and partner with me to be a guide to all Nazarenes in the turn of this Age. If you want to join the body of Nazarenes then contact me, Ed Moore, or James Hodges.

So basically the Sabbath Covenant Ministry Funding Plan just moves money from one person’s pocket, to another person’s pocket; and a lot of money into Rav Shaul’s pocket.

The profits will be used to support Paul Sides and his ministry, to promote his false teachings about Messiah.

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Paul Sides, Rav Shaul, flase teachings about Messiah

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