Paul Sides Facebook 12/25/18 Post About Flat Earth

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher about Messiah, proclaiming that he was 100% human and that He sinned.

On 12/25/18, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message about the flat earth. My comments are in red.

But Sha’ul, the Bible clearly says the Earth does not move! … more manipulation from the FE

“Repent Sha’ul, for the Earth is FLAT!” No, I say… I will not, that is not the point of the Gospel. “You then are a FALSE TEACHER for denying the Word of God which declares many times the Earth does not move!”. And so goes the countless accusations I face almost daily by the FE Nazies who teach another Gospel Message.

—– Galatians 1:8 —–
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you (repent the Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll has been fulfilled in Yahusha), let them be under Yahuah’s curse!

This is the FE’s ace in the hole, the way they TRAP the unlearned into accepting the FE. When you reject the FE, they hit you with the trap “then you deny the Scriptures which declare the Earth does not move”. Not having the answer to that, we bow down to the FE movement. Well, now you do have a defense below and a way out of their Scriptural trap!


So which is it, do I deny the very Word of God? Or is this a trap by the FEers who are abusing the Scriptures?

Actually, the word in question does not even list “move” in the definition lol!

— 4131. Mot —- Strong’s Concordance
mot: to totter, shake, slip
Original Word: מוֹט
Part of Speech: Verb
Definition: to totter, shake, slip

The word Mot in Hebrew implies MOTION! You cannot “slip” or “totter” meaning deviate from or “shake” unless you are in motion. In fact, we know scientifically that everything is in constant motion at the molecular level! So if Yahuah said the Earth does not move He would actually be a liar.

This is a classic example of sound biting one verse and taking it out of context and even the definition of the word to “prove your point”.

We see the same word used all over scripture of moving things, even Yahuah is said “not to move” using the same word.

—–Psalm 10:6 —–
NAS: to himself, I will not be moved; Throughout all

By the same “logic” if you want to call it that of the FE, this obviously means Yahuah is incapable of moving about. It is a “figure of speech” not literal. Yahuah is a firm foundation for our lives in the same way the Earth is for our feet.

Our feet are said not to “move from our path”, in the same way the Earth is not moved from hers.

—– Psalm 17:5: NAS: My feet have not slipped. —–

What is implied above is “our path”, one translation even puts the implication in:

—– Psalm 17:5: INT: to your paths have not slipped my feet —–

It is even said “we moveth not”…

—– Psalm 30:6 —–
KJV: I said, I shall never be moved.

Does this mean we are stationary and cannot be moved?


You see, the actual word translated “move” above in every scripture does not even list “moved” in the definition. It means “slip, shake, totter”… not “moved” as in no motion, it actually implies motion.

If the translators were honest (they were FEers too back before modern advancements of mankind) it would have properly been translated:

“The Earth does not slip, totter, or shake in its path around the Sun or under our feet”

just as our feet do not “slip, totter, or shake” in our path Yahuah has set us on Proverbs 16:9, Psalm 37:23, Proverbs 20:24

The claim seems to have an underlying assumption that it is impossible to be “fixed” and “immovable” (which are NOT the definition of that word to begin with) and yet orbit around the sun. But the fact is, the earth has proven itself to be fixed and immovable or rather does not “slip” or “totter/deviate”, or “be shaken” from its path or position under our feet:

• The earth is fixed and immovable in relation to its orbit around the sun. Have you ever known the earth to “unfix” itself and “move” itself out of its orbit around the sun? It doesn’t happen, because the earth is fixed and immovable in relation to its orbit around the sun just like our feet are in our path.

• The earth also is fixed and immovable in relation to us. There has never been a single day in which we had no place to stand, because the earth unfixed itself and moved itself out from under our feet. Just like Yahuah is as our foundation.

The earth has always been fixed and immovable, both in relation to us and in relation to its orbit around the sun. In fact we’ve learned to take it for granted that the sun will shine during the day and that there will ground for us to stand on when we awake in the morning.


So what is Yahuah trying to tell us in these verses?

It is important for us to know the Earth is immovable in its rotating motion and orbit around the Sun so that we can have confidence in our system of time and calendar.

More manipulation from the FE Nazis… beware.

Rav Sha’ul

I agree with Paul Sides, that the earth is not flat, but disagree with his assessment that the earth revolves around the sun.  Here’s a link to my Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth study.

I also disagree with his beliefs about Messiah; whom he proclaims was 100% human and that he sinned.

Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

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