Paul Sides And Ed Moore Are Acting Like Cult Leaders

This Rav Sha’ul Exposed page shows you the cult like behavior of Paul Sides and his sidekick Ed Moore.

Ed Moore posts some great lessons about the Hebrew names of the Father and Son, about the seven Holy Feast Days, etc., so people want to connect as a Facebook friend to learn more.

They are greeted by this message from Ed:

Rules for this Facebook page..

I establish a FIRM order on my wall. No twisted, uninspired, sound-bited, mistranslated, Greek appropriate… paganism! TRUTH only please, I will not be manipulated, coerced, or paid to lie to you. If you can’t handle correction and rebuke, and you are not willing to invest YOUR time and YOUR money in YOUR education; then don’t expect me to invest mine in YOUR education either.

Don’t bring me your cherry picked, sound bited, twisted, self satisfying doctrines that bring shame onto my Father and violate His Kingdom principles… You have been warned. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of my kitchen, because the Word of Yahuah is an all consuming fire and sometimes you will get burned.

Think before you comment … I am no respecter of persons, you enter at your own risk. If you reply to a post, think before you do… because you may not like my reply if you misrepresent the Word of Yahuah!

I DO NOT PUT UP WITH CONDESCENDING REMARKS, Babylonian stands or attacking others wanting to learn. You will be blocked immediately.

This page is that of a serious son of Yahuah. The only thing on my mind is to further His Kingdom with all my might and resources. The goal is to overcome the myriad of false doctrines and lies with the Truth. In context… in full… no sound biting… no twisting… no Hellenizing, no pagan roots, and no personal interpretation… the Word of Yahuah says ONE thing and that is what I am after.

I value other opinions when offered in love. Highly unlikely you will “change my mind” on anything, as I have made it my life’s goal to know the Truth and study every topic, every doctrine, every precept to the point that I have resolved it as either “true or false”. But you never know, I am still teachable and have been known to adjust my understanding from time to time.

This page is my personal page. You view this page at my sole discretion. I am giving you privileged access to my family, friends, beliefs, lifestyle, and so forth. I do not go to your page and beat you about the head and shoulders with The Torah, do not come on my page and sin in the process of self righteously judging me! The Torah is YOUR personal guide and instruction… your handbook to success in this life given you by Yahuah.

Welcome to my Facebook! Buckle up…If you have made it this far and would like to continue as my “friend” then (Baruk Atah – bless you) Kingdom Citizens… welcome and let us reason together!

Ed Moore
Message me anytime. I am your servant.

All of that is the markings of a cult, where you are not allowed to provide a differing opinion, even when you are using Scripture to make your case.

If you oppose him on any point he blasts you with a lot of information and then blocks you.

They are totally unteachable and unwilling to listen to other perspectives.

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2 thoughts on “Paul Sides And Ed Moore Are Acting Like Cult Leaders”

  1. “All of that is the markings of a cult, where you are not allowed to provide a differing opinion, even when you are using Scripture to make your case.”

    I’ve never heard of or been to any church that allowed you to openly dissent with the leader / established doctrine. Does that mean every denomination is a cult?

    • Every denomination has false teachings, many of which came from Rome. And you’re right that people can’t openly dissent with the leader. That is why I am not part of a denomination.


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