Paul Sides Challenged Me To Step Up My Work In Exposing Him As A False Teacher

This website serves to expose Paul Sides.

On 06/01/16 Paul Sides posted this on Facebook, bragging about the traffic to his website.

Just received the updated traffic numbers for

Hits /hour – 518
Hits/day – 15,804
Hits/year – 5,768,460
Countries of Origin: 247

All this “advertising” others are doing for the work of Yahuah is really paying off… Thank you!

The “world” is listening. Those who are trying to “shut me up” had better “step it up”… you’re engaged in a losing battle, you are on the wrong side. This is Yahuah’s work, who are “you” to stop it?

The Rav Sha’ul School of Divinity has 60 teachers in training… there are probably that many more already actively teaching under The Sabbath Covenant on Facebook.

I have produced and distributed over 600 Nazarene banners.

My “friend” list keeps growing and growing. If I were those who are engaged in a smear campaign against me, I would rethink your stradegy… all you are doing is making more people aware of The Sabbath Covenant, and they know the truth when they see it.


As a person with several websites, I know that just because people visit his website, does not mean that they believe what he is teaching.

As for steering people his way, the fact is that my appeal is to his followers, so nobody is finding this website on accident and then seeing the teachings at and believing them.

I will step up my efforts against you Paul, thank you for your encouragement to do so!

Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

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1 thought on “Paul Sides Challenged Me To Step Up My Work In Exposing Him As A False Teacher”

  1. I for do not oppose anyone for bearing the Torah on there shoulders and taking up the post for sharing the words of Yahweh to the Gentiels the uncercumsied those that where without out of covenant with following the creators laws and right rulings I keep the feast days at there appointed times as laid out by Yahweh given to Moses for guiding the Hebrew people into the promise land if they kept his laws it’s the same plan of salvation keep the Fathers laws by your obedience and enter in his kingdom the old and the new joined at the hip proclaim the same agenda IF YOU WANT TO ENTER HIS KINGDOM KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE CREATOR ITS THAT SIMPLE ZACHERIAH CHPT 14 WHO IS COMING BACK TO JUDGE THE PEOPLE AND WHO SITS AT THE RIGHT HAND OF THE CREATOR


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