Paul Sides Lies About Me Being A Christian

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

A follower of Paul Sides personal messaged him on Facebook about the website, saying that a brother had made him aware of it, as he was trying to help the follower see the truth about the teachings of Rav Sha’ul.

My comments are in red.

Paul Sides said “I’ve seen this… that guy (me, David) is a Christian and this is an attack piece.

The second paragraph of the home page on this website says “I found it interesting because the Spirit had pulled me out of ‘christianity’ and the deceptions that are taught in Protestant churches; and I was searching for truth.”

That is a clear declaration that I have come out of Christianity, so it is a clear lie from Paul Sides!

As for being an attack piece, this website serves to expose Rav Sha’ul for what he is, a deceiver.

All of that it totally out of context taking pictures of my wife from over 10 years ago before we were married and twisting the information to pain a false picture of who I am.

All of the pictures on the right side of this website are from the 2012 and later, not 10 years ago.  They are pictures of Stephanie that were posted by Paul Sides on Facebook for all to see.  Another blatant lie from Rabbi Paul.

Then they break every Scriptural principle and gossip behind my back “in private” by contacting people via PM. This is expressly forbibben by Yahuah who HATES that kind of behavior and He promises that He will utterly destroy anyone who behaves like that.

Yahuah hates people who teach a false Messiah, and who teach false prophecy fulfillment explanations.  This website serves to expose those things about Rav Sha’ul and Ed Moore.

These people have never once contacted me like they are instructed to ask me and bring these charges against me personally.

Please!  Paul Sides has been contacted by different people on Facebook, to tell him that what he is teaching about Messiah is false.  They have also contacted Ed Moore, Rav Shaul’s sidekick.  Both of them defend what they teach, tell you that you’re wrong, and block you.  Once again, Rabbi Paul is lying.

And the fact is that this website serves as an explanation of how Rav Shaul’s studies are wrong.  No doubt he has read them, and he has not changed his view.  Should we really think that a brother coming to him is going to change his mind? 

They are simply out to slander my name and try and keep people from listening to me or reading my books.

You slander your own name by lying. You slander your own name by proclaiming that Messiah was 100% human.  You slander your own name by proclaiming that Messiah sinned.  You slander your own name by proclaiming that you’ve become a god.  You slander your own name by proclaiming that Messiah would return in 2007.  I just help people see the truth about what you have proclaimed.

I defriend and block these people immediately as I am so instructed.

So he blocks people immediately who oppose him on Facebook, instead of contacting them to bring charges against them, like he said that people are supposed to do. 

Has he ever contact me?  No!

Whoever this person was, he has ZERO interest in your personal growth Spiritually, his only intent was to harm me personally.  You should not have “friends” like this, and if we do not take proper action against them, Yahuah promises He will charge “gossip” against our account.

It sounds to me like the person was Spirit led and knew the truth when he read it.

Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

Paul Sides, Rav Shaul, teaches a false human Messiah












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