Paul Sides Proclaims Flat Earth Is False Gospel

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

But on this post, I will actually give thanks to Paul Sides for saying on Facebook that the flat earth theory is a deception. Hopefully he will write a book exposing this PSYOP that is causing people who are teaching truth, to lose their credibility with family and friends.

Here is what Paul Sides posted on Facebook, when someone brought up the flat earth on one of his post:

Paul Sides I can see now, I am going to have to enter this debate with both feet… and the FE is NOT going to like what I prove to be true both Scripturally AND scientifically and how I show ever piece of “evidence” is a manipulated lie by the FE who take advantage of our ignorance.

I do when I see “another gospel” being preached, people being condemned by another gospel, and I know it is a clear violation of everything sacred to Yahuah and condemned in scripture. And that is exactly what The FE is… people are wasting their lives watching these manipulated videos (which I can debunk), then wasting their lives trying to convert others to the FE Gospel of Gia as if the Earth is the center of the Universe and mankind the centerpiece of The Plan of Salvation…

I have stock piled mountains of evidence literally unraveling this FE gospel from the ground up.

I have a decision to make. To I continue to sit back and watch the Plan of Salvation undermined by the FE Gospel… or do I add that to my list of lies to uncover… and possible write a book on that topic? I could very easily do just that. And then when people jump in with this FE nonesense everytime I post something, I can just give them my book on it so they know what I REALLY know about this issue.

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