Paul Sides Proclaims That Watching Fake Christianity Is Enjoyable

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 08/22/16 Paul Sides posted this on Facebook:

Christianity is like Pro Wrestling: we all know it is fake, but we enjoy watching it, the motivational liars (preachers) the babbling about in “tonques”, the “slaying/drunk in the Spirit”, the “healings”… what a side show it has become… it is, after all, “The Greatest show on Earth” i.e. Circus.


Watching people be deceived by false teachers is enjoyable?

It breaks my heart to witness it!  There’s nothing enjoyable about!

Would a true teacher of Elohim think that it’s enjoyable to watch people be deceived?

Did Isaiah and Jeremiah think that it was enjoyable to watch the Jews be deceived by false teachers?

It doesn’t matter if these people deserve to be deceived by these false teachers, because they don’t compare what the Pastors teach against the Scriptures.

It’s still very sad to witness people being deceived and potentially believe in a false salvation message.

The arrogance of Paul Sides, aka Rav Sha’ul, is that he laughs in derision about those who are deceived by the enemy.

He mocks those who believe in the deception of Roman Christianity.

How people follow this man, I have no idea; but I certainly don’t think that it’s enjoyable to watch them be deceived by his false teachings about Messiah or his false prophecy fulfillment teachings.

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