Paul Sides Makes Cult Members Take An Oath To Confirm That They Deny Yahusha Is Deity

by David on May 20, 2016

This website serves to expose Paul Sides, who writes as Rav Sha’ul.

On 05/18/16 Paul Sides wrote the following on Facebook: (I left his spelling errors, as they say something about him)

It is rumored that a member among us, is not genuine. (apparently he has a secret group of high-ranking cult members).

Only here to “listen in” and then take what is said in this PRIVATE group, and share it with those who are out to divide and cause dissention…

Thinking about how to handle this.

If you are reading this… comment below and let me know you would like to remain an active member of this group.

I will then ask you to bear witness to the Statement of Faith, and under oath you are not in this group for any other reason that to learn and grow as a Nazarene who worships and serves Yahuah alone, as the only true God.

Note: Paul Sides’ statement of Faith includes proclaiming that Messiah was 100% human, He was born of His father Joseph’s seed, He was sinful, He needed to be baptized for remission of His sins, and that He is not deity. Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher Who Says Messiah Was 100% Human

Then I will do a little background check on your friend list to ensure those who are out to destroy my credibility by bearing false witness, lies, and gossip… and not YOUR friends.

Those who do not comment below within 48 hours will be removed no questions asked.  This was supposed to be a safe place for the Nazarenes to gather together. I don’t care if it only has 2 members… I’ll grow it back, this time being much more selective.

Rav Sha’ul

Wow! Now his cult members have to take an oath, and damn themselves by denying that Yahusha Messiah is deity.

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