A cross examination of the claims of Flat Earth Society by Rav Sha’ul

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On Facebook, Paul Sides, who writes on Sabbathcovenant.com as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message about the flat earth. My comments are in red.

A cross examination of the claims of Flat Earth Society… by Rav Sha’ul

The reason the FE militants are soooo worried about me, is I have established myself as a qualified teacher and very knowledgeable in the scriptures, human history, The Heavenly Scroll, and so forth. Many people across THE GLOBE trust my teaching and me as their instructor.

They are concerned that I will at some point address this topic and know when I do, they will have to deal with me on it. So their strategy is to quickly discredit me as a teacher before I get around to it… well, that time has come. Not because I thought it was worth my time, but because they would not head my warning to STOP trying to discredit me over something that is a non-issue at best, a lie from the pit of hell at worst.

—– Proverbs 18:17 —–
The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.

I am going to address the following claims and provide a cross examination of each one.

1. Is the Earth the centerpiece of creation?

2. The Moon Landing, true or false?

3. NASA, the Great Satan? The Globe, the Great Deception?

4. The Stationary North Star, Do we live in a snow globe?

5. 7 months of Daylight and 5 months of darkness at the North Pole?

6. The motion of the Sun moving across the sky and the sunset!

7. Weather balloons showing a flat horizon… Proof the Earth is flat?

8. The Bible clearly says the Earth is stationary and on fixed pillars! Or does it?

9. What is the Gospel Message, is the Flat Earth part of the Great Commission? Is it part of His Debar? Is it taught in scripture anywhere by His Servants?

10. What is The Kingdom of Yahuah, what is our inheritance? Is our inheritance limited to a finite Snow Globe where only the Earth exists? Or is it an ever expanding Universe the size and scope of which our human mind cannot comprehend? What does the Bible say?

11. What is the consequence of teaching the FE Gospel?

12. The “Test”… time to put up or shut up. Either we live on a flat Earth or a Globe and there is a simple test anyone can do to solve this conflict.

I will address each one as part of this post. When I am done I am going to add this to my post on whether I am a false teacher over this FE stuff so all of you can use it as a defense against these FE militants who set out to condemn us all as if we have fallen for Babylonian Lies and NASA manipulation as they tell us to suspend our common sense, don’t believe what our eyes tell us, and write off all traditional science and technology and human advancement and literally take us back to the Dark Ages when mankind was ignorant and looked up in the sky and thought the Sun moved over a stationary Earth.

Every pagan culture believed in the FE. It is not some “unique revelation” of Yahuah to these “chosen FE missionaries”. It is at its core PAGAN and a complete and total contradiction of the REAL Gospel Message proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll.

It will take some time, so keep checking back as it will remain under construction until I remove the following disclaimer:

<<<<<<<< Under Construction>>>>>>>

It will be interesting to read the above explanations from Paul Sides, which he says prove that the earth is not flat.

I provide many proofs that the earth is flat on this website: Flat Earth Deception

Christians like Nathan Roberts teaches that there are 240 Bibles verses which proclaim that the earth is flat, but when you read the verses, you see how badly they are taken out of context.  Read Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of flatearthdoctrine.com DEBUNKED!

I address the main Bible verse that flat earthers cite about the ‘firmament’ of Genesis, and the ‘circle’ of Isaiah 40:22; on this page Biblical Proofs Of The Geocentric Globe Earth

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