Paul Sides Of Flat Earth Debate

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher about Messiah, proclaiming that he was 100% human and that He sinned.

On 12/13/18, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message about the flat earth. My comments are in red.

I would like to ask everyone’s opinion. Many have expressed concern that I am getting wrapped up in this nonsense and they come to me fore my insight into the Scriptures not issues like this.

Is this something I should be spending my time on? Or did I just get upset being once again told to “repent the Earth is flat” by another gospel?

Should I just leave it alone, as I am instructed…

—– Isaiah 51:6 —–
And when there is NO EARTH to argue over, His Plan of Salvation remains true

written in The Heavenly Scroll

—- Psalm 119:89 —–
Your word, Yahuah, is eternal; it stands firm (written) in the heavenly scroll.

We should not engage these who are lesser in faith and taken in by such winds of lies and false doctrines that do not pertain to the Scriptures.

—- Romans 14:1 —–
Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.

This matter is “disputable” and not part of the Gospel Message in any way. My message to the FEers is to make up your own mind, and stay focused on the Gospel Message:

“Repent, the Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll has been fulfilled by Yahusha the Messiah”.

Maybe I should set that example myself?!?

What say all of you? Should I be wasting my time with this, or get back to the book of Hebrews what I have been anointed to do and leave this “other gospel” to the weaker in faith to argue over each and every day as they take that message to the nations in direct violation of the Great Commission?

Paul Sides seems to be backing out of the debate, and wanting his followers blessing on it.

The irony is that he doesn’t have to debate them at all, as he could simply point them to my Flat Earth Deception website; which has plenty of proof that the earth isn’t flat, and it has Biblical Proofs Of The Globe Earth 

But Rav Shaul won’t do that because he knows that I expose his false teachings.

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