Ed Moore Chimes In On Paul Sides Video About The Rav Sha’ul Exposed Website

This website serves to expose Rav Sha’ul as a false teacher.

On 04/01/17, Ed Moore, Paul Sides leading disciple, wrote a Facebook post about my Paul Sides Video About David And The Rav Sha’ul Exposed Website post: (My comments are in red)

Just because someone doesn’t understand the scriptures like someone else, does not give them the “right” to break the Law and slander individuals…

This website proves that I do understand the Scriptures, as they prove that what Rav Sha’ul, and Ed Moore, proclaim about Messiah is false.

As for the accusation of slander, there are no false reports on this website; just Scriptural truth which exposes the heretical teachings of Rav Sha’ul, and images of Paul and Stephanie Sides which they have shared on Facebook.

Proverbs 20:19 – “He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip.”

I am not teaching these things in private, there is no gossip.  Everything is posted for all, including Paul Sides, Ed Moore, and their followers, to read.

Ed Moore blocked me on Facebook, when I tried to share these Scriptures. Rav Sha’ul has clearly proclaimed that he doesn’t tolerate people who disagree with him (which he considers blasphemy) on his Facebook page.

Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul, blocks people on Facebook who disagree with him.

Proverbs 16:28 – “A perverse man spreads strife, And a slanderer separates intimate friends. ”

Teaching the truth about what Scripture proclaims about Messiah, is not slander.

Exodus 23:1 – “You shall not bear a false report; do not join your hand with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. ”

Sorry, it is you Ed Moore, and your mentor Paul Sides, who are bearing a false report about Messiah. Repent, before it’s too late, for you are teaching a false messiah!

James 4:11 – “Do not speak against one another, brethren He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. ”

It’s not my place to judge Paul Sides.  He will stand before Elohim to account for his works.  But we are called to discern truth and expose deceptions.

But if the watchman sees the sword coming and shall not blow the ram’s horn, and the people shall not be warned, and the sword comes and takes any being from among them, he is taken away in his crookedness, and his blood I require at the watchman’s hand.’ Ezekiel 33:6

Psalm 101:5 – “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy; No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure. ”

Again, there is no secret here.  My teaching about Messiah is clear for everyone to see.

There’s no arrogance either, as this really isn’t about me being right and Paul Sides being wrong.  This is my calling, to teach the truth and expose the many deceptions of these end times. 

Leviticus 19:16 – “‘You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people, and you are not to act against the life of your neighbor; I am Yahuah.

If you take part in this act of being judge, jury and executioner what you are doing is wrong on every level. It is sinful, and you will be self condemned by this behavior. So take heed.

Teaching the truth of Scripture does not mean that I am claiming to be their judge. jury and executioner; that is all a false association.  They will be judged by Messiah, the One they claim is human and sinful.

When they teach that others are wrong in their beliefs, are they not doing the same thing?

Titus 3
9 But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, arguments, and quarrels about the Law, because these things are pointless and worthless. 10Reject a divisive man after a first and second admonition, 11 knowing that such a man is corrupt and sinful; he is self-condemned.…

There is a message that many miss in the scriptures it is called LOVE. Let me help you understand what that is….

Love is patient, is kind, love does not envy, love does not boast, is not puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not seek its own, is not provoked, reckons not the evil, does not rejoice over the unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth, it covers all, believes all, expects all, endures all. LOVE NEVER FAILS. (1 Cor 13)

Beloved ones, let us love one another, because love is of Elohim, and everyone who loves has been born of Elohim, and knows Elohim. The one who does not love does not know Elohim, for Elohim is love. (1Jn 4)

I love Messiah and the saints, and work diligently to expose false teachings.

There is only one thing in this entire universe that cannot be successfully or consistently concealed, and that is a persons true nature. There is an absolute perfect method of determining a persons true nature, and that is by comparing it to the “True Love” nature of YHVH. Since True Believers possess the reflected Nature of YHVH’s “True Love,” they therefore recognize its presence or absence in others. The ability to truly love, the attitude of true love, and the methodology of true love, as put into practice in our daily lives, especially when we think no one is looking will always reveal (to YHVH and His vigilant angels) a persons true nature.

Also, a non-believer cannot successfully hide (for long) their true nature from YHVH’s “True Believers”, because non-believers find it impossible to consistently exhibit (fake) a selfless attitude of love towards YHVH and their fellow man, and because the desire to please themselves keeps getting in the way; they do not have the deep understanding of what it means to be “Like YHVH,” (as a Spiritual mirror image)

1Th 5
9 For Elohim hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Master Yahusha the Messiah, 10 Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.

11 Therefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 12 And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you, and are over you in Yahweh, and admonish you;

13 And to regard them very highly in love for their work’s sake. And be at peace among yourselves. 14 Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.

All of those verses are misapplied, as Ed Moore and Paul Sides teach the following false claims about Messiah:

He was not deity, but 100% human.

He was supernaturally conceived with the seed of His biological father Joseph.

He went to John to be baptized for repentance of sin.

He had to have His sin washed away.

There is no requirement for Messiah to live His entire life with no sin.

He was not born “obedient”, but rather disobedient.

He had to learn obedience like every other human being.

He was married to Mary Magdalene and had children, one them was the Apostle John.

And that His physical body wasn’t resurrected, just His spiritual one.

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