Paul Sides Video About David And The Rav Sha’ul Exposed Website

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 03/30/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, wrote: (My comments are in red)

Everyone should save this link. When someone slanders another and judges them for their “sins” or their past…

Everyone should save this link, so when you see people promoting Paul Sides’ false teachings, this can help them see the truth!

Watch this video from Paul Sides that shows his Passover Baptism ritual in his bath tub, after which there is a message to me about this website.

In the Rav Shaul REALLY Exposed video, Paul Sides said:

Yahuah has forgiven and forgotten my “past”.

I don’t expose him for his past, but for his present teachings. 

Though he did proclaim that Messiah would return in 2007.  Oops!  Read Paul Sides Is A False Prophecy Teacher

The Rav Sha’ul Exposed website is an attack piece, tabloid garbage. It is a false witness and a hatchet job on my life and my teachings.

How is showing the truth about what Scripture proclaims about Messiah, an attack piece?  Tabloid garbage is saying that Joseph impregnated Mary, that Messiah was married to Mary Magdalene, and that John the Apostle was their son; which is what Rav Sha’ul teaches. Read Rav Shaul Teaches That Yahusha Was Married And Had Children

A hatchet job on his life? I don’t talk about Paul Sides personal life, but about his teachings. He makes claims about Messiah, I show Scriptures that proves that they are wrong. Stephanie’s Facebook posts show the truth about their lifestyle.

Showing photos 15 YEARS in my past, pictures of my wife take BEFORE we were married.

The pictures on the right side of this website have been posted on Facebook by Paul and Stephanie Sides during the last 5 years; so he is lying about them being 15 years in his past.

The reason they are on the website is that they reveal their character.

It is a text book example of a FALSE WITNESS, produced by a man, who in hatred, set out to slander a man who has long ago returned to his Father.

Exposing false teachings does not mean that I hate Paul Sides.  As for slander, I post Scriptural truth about Messiah, which exposes Rav Shaul’s false teachings. I don’t bring up things that he has done in the past, so his accusation is without merit.  This whole website addresses his current teachings.

The irony is that Paul Sides has been a false witness against me, saying that I posted 1-star ratings about his books on Amazon.

It is a public executsion of my character and an abomination to Yahuah’s promises.

Exposing the false teachings of Paul Sides, aka Rav Sha’ul, does reveal his character; that they are an abomination to Yahuah. Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

Yahuah promised us The Way whereby we are forgiven and restored. My wife and I have walked The Way for the past 10 year! We have LONG AGO been forgiven for our past and Yahuah has forgotten what YOU crucify us for!

Again, I have said nothing about their past, so this is a baseless accusation. This website exposes the false teachings of Rav Sha’ul on

Those of you who spread that website, slander my family, and DENY THEY BLOOD OF THE LAMB over our lives… will have no sacrifice for your sin. As Yahuah will judge you by that same standard… and deny you the Blood of the Lamb to cover YOUR life and just YOU for your past!

I don’t deny the blood of the Lamb over their lives, that is absurd! That is a false association.  I simply proclaim that they are believing in a false messiah, which could be a salvation issue.

Over 1,000 people have liked this website, so apparently others see the truth about Paul Sides’ heretical teachings too.

Thank David, the murderer (hatred for a brother is murder) who has stoned his brother to death for what Yahuah has FORGOTTEN… for costing YOU your eternal life by causing you to do the same thing.

I have never said anything to imply that I hate Paul Sides. I hate that his teachings are misleading people into believing in a false, human, sinful, Messiah; but I do not hate him. So the accusation of murder is baseless!

Again, this website is about what he currently teaches, not his past; so his accusation is without merit!

REPENT! Your hatred for me is not worth your eternal life for mocking Yahuah’s promised to forgive my sin and remember it no more through Mikveh.

My eternal life is not at stake for exposing the false teachings of Rav Sha’ul. It is the Ruach who presses me on to do so.

You, Paul Sides, are the one who needs to repent; as you teach a false, human, sinful, Messiah; and you are misleading others. And you teach that you are as a god. Read Rav Sha’ul Proclaims To Be God And Forgive Sins

Read Who Is Paul Sides, aka Rav Sha’ul?

Paul Sides, Rav Shaul, flase teachings about Messiah






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3 thoughts on “Paul Sides Video About David And The Rav Sha’ul Exposed Website”

  1. I had not heard the Apostle John being Jesus’ son story, but I certainly hope it is true. Why not? I had heard that Mary Magdalene was not only his wife but was also an enlightened thinker and gifted writer. Birds of a feather, Jesus and Mary were truly interested in one another because they were both so in love with our “their” Father Within. Allowing God to lead you, guide you, and show you the way, that living by the Grace of God some say, is everyone’s ultimate objective and greatest reward. I agree with you brother. Jesus was made out of EXACTLY the same LIGHT SUBSTANCE as you and I are. We are all God’s Kids (Psalm 82:6) therefore we are some truly blessed creatures. We, each, have the Very essence of the Creator living within us at all times. We simply need to realize who we are and why we are here to experience true peace. THAT’s when we are “born again” in my opinion. When we start vibrating or resonating at frequencies that God made, like 528 Hz for a blade of grass or the sound the Sun vibrates at 528 Hertz too. Amazing stuff.


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