Paul Sides Facebook Post About People Hating Him

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 10/01/16, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes as Rav Sha’ul, wrote: (My comments are in red)

I know. It is a very supernatural type hatred too.

I have never expressed hatred towards Paul Sides.  I hate that his teachings are deceiving people, but I don’t hate him.

They don’t even know me!

I know Paul Sides by his fruit, and it is rotten! 

I know that he teaches a false messiah, who was supposedly 100% human and sinful. 

I know that he teaches false prophecy explanations, including proclaiming that Messiah was coming back in 2007. 

I know that he lied about me posting 1-star reviews of his books on Amazon.

I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it. They just flat out hate my guts lol! Like I shot their family dog or something.

Misleading people with a false messiah and false prophecy explanations is so much worse than having a family dog shot.  This is serious business.  People’s souls are at stake.

They will do anything, say anything, make up everything, do whatever they can to destroy my character and reputation.

I have never made up anything about Paul Sides, I simply expose that what he is teaching is false.  His character is revealed by his false teachings, and his posts on Facebook.

I am exposing The Spirit of the False Messiah ,and that Spirit is very real, very deceiving, and creates in those who are possessed by it all the fruits of the flesh… gossip, hatred, strife, false witness, jealousy, envy… all of it and direct it right at me… it is like these people don’t even know Yahuah or FEAR Him the way they break His instructions in judgement.

Jesus Christ is not the antichrist of Scripture.  It is the Popes of Rome, who proclaim to be Jesus Christ in the flesh, who proclaim to be God, who proclaim to forgive sins, who proclaim to provide salvation. Read Revelation 13 – Roman Sea Beast

What Rav Sha’ul teaches serves to deflect blame away from the antichrist Popes, and more importantly, away from the Jesuits of Rome, who are a military organization and the earth beast of Revelation 13, who covertly control the world, and are pushing into their One World Government. Read Revelation 13 – Roman Earth Beast

Satan knows that the Spirit is moving to draw people out of Christianity, so he is using people like Paul Sides to mislead them with false prophecy fulfillment teachings.

Read Paul Sides Is A False Prophecy Teacher

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