Paul Sides Lies About Visitors

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 10/03/16 Paul Sides, who writes as Rav Sha’ul, wrote on Facebook: (My comments are in red)

5.5 million visitors, 247 countries world-wide… now THAT is what I’m talking about, HalleluYahuah!

15,000 people every day… that is what

The Visitor Counter on his website says that there is an average of 494 visitors per day, not 15,000. Visitor Counter

The Revolver Maps tool that he uses says that there have been 3,807,588 visits since Feb 1, 2013; not the 5 million people every year which he claims.

Revolver Maps

“and the Gospel will be preached to the whole world, in every nation” (Matt. 24:14) is talking about.

He teaches a false gospel featuring a 100% human, sinful, false messiah. Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

He even teaches that he has become a god like Yahusha, and so can his followers. Read Rav Sha’ul Proclaims To Be God And Forgive Sins

Below is a map of just the last 24 hours! Visitor Map Daily

We need to pray for all of those visitors to, for the Spirit to show them the truth about what Rav Sha’ul is teaching about Messiah, and about prophecy fulfillment.

Word to the “Wise”… all you who think you are doing “God’s work” trying to attack my character to stop this message.

I’m doing Yahuah’s work, not God’s; and I will never stop exposing the deceptions and lies of Paul Sides.  His character is revealed by his bad fruit, so there’s no need for me to attack him.

I think Yahuah has spoken LOUD and CLEAR… false witness will never stop His Anointed or His Anointed Message.

Having many visitors to your website does not prove that your message is anointed by Yahuah.  The enemy wants your message taught around the world, to mislead those that the Spirit is drawing out of Christianity.

The couple of people you might have convinced with your lies and twisting of my life and teachings… makes no difference whatsoever, you are spinning your wheels and wasting your time.

Those couple of people matter a lot to me and to Yahuah!  And the war is not over! 

And Oh by the way… loosing your salvation in the process, Yahuah HATES people like you, with a passion.

The irony of Paul Sides’ statement is that it is Yahuah’s Spirit who shows me the deceptions of his teachings.  My salvation is secure, thank you.

I don’t think people understand the opportunity I am presenting, letting others invest in the Kingdom to come through The Sabbath Covenant. Or.. they don’t really believe that what we sow now, will be laid up as wealth in the Kingdom to come… or they don’t really believe that Kindgom is coming!

The opportunity to promote false teachings.  And potentially lose their salvation by professing a false messiah.  Ugh!

This is the first time in 20 years I have opened this ministry up for others to partake in…

The Founding Family Sponsorship Program.

What I am offering is a return on your investment in the Kingdom that is, by my best educated guess, only 4 short years away from becoming a reality on this Earth.

That is his veiled prediction that Messiah will return in 4 years, which is based on his false prophecy explanations. He already predicted that Messiah would return in 2007.  Read Paul Sides Is A False Prophecy Teacher

Think very long and hard about the times we live and the reality of this. If you really believe the Scriptures are true, then this is an opportunity of your life! Every dollar you invest now, will result in funding this effort and seeing the harvest brought in like never before as Yahuah moves over the next few years to setup His Kingdom.

He’s starting to sound like a late night cable TV prosperity teacher.  Ugh!

YOU will be credited for every person this ministry reaches.

In the economy of Yahuah, YOU will be discredited for every person you help mislead with teachings about a false messiah, and false prophecy fulfillment.

Which is over 5 million people every year, 15,000 people every day! Below is a 24-hour map of the reach of The Sabbath Covenant.

His math is based on his false visitor count. Based on the 494 visitor per day average, it would only be 180,310 per year.

My short term goal, is to establish the Founding Family:

10 – $200 monthly Sponsors

20 – $100 monthly Sponsors

50 – $50 monthly Sponsors

This will be the foundation of The Sabbath Covenant.  At that level of sponsorship, The Sabbath Covenant would be fully funded with myself and Ed Moore full time and the rest utilized to stock the book series to lower the prices, cover costs, and be able to meet the needs of others (which I routinely do currently at my own expense in the name of The Sabbath Covenant).

He trains his followers to share his posts and books, so that they can create an army of people who will donate to his ministry.

Read Paul Sides Mis-Translation Of Galatians 6 to see how he manipulated the text to suggest that people need to support teachers like him.

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