Paul Sides Opportunity Of A Lifetime

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 01/12/18, on Facebook, Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message: (my comments are in red)

I offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, all lifetimes over the past 2,000 years to be involved in the restoration of The Word of His Testimony at the turn of the Ages that defeats The Dragon.

Sounds like a pitch from a used RV salesman, pun intended! 😛

To invest in the Kingdom that is coming quickly. Yahuah will not honor any “investment’ you have made in the religion of the beast to support the growth of The Dragon to take the throne by force. So pretty much every dollar we have “given in the past” was wasted.

He proclaims to have followed after Yahuah for 20 years, but then proclaims that the money that he has given in the past has been wasted.  Um, okay.

The Kingdom is coming, will you invest your ‘talent’ or bury it and lose it? Will you join me on my team, and see to it that The Word of His Testimony is restored for the first time in human history? What an investment in your eternal future. There is no other opportunity like this one and it was not given to anyone over the past 2000 years and very few today.

Such arrogance, to think that he is the only person who can properly translate the Scriptures.  

All he does it take corrupt NIV verses, change the names, and add his Yahushaic Covenant nonsense; and call it an anointed translation.  Ugh!

And he doesn’t understand that the Little Book of Revelation 10 was the printed Bible, which became available after Wycliffe, Tyndale. Luther, etc., translated the Scriptures; and with the advent of the printing press, the Bible was spread around the world. Obviously, that Little Book was approved of by Yahuah! 

But if you are reading this…. Yahuah has chosen you, along with me, to ensure His Word is restored and given you an opportunity you cannot pass up, if you really truly believed in the Kingdom and His promises that what you invest here is laid up there for your eternal future… how could you possibly pass that opportunity up.

Yahuah has chosen me to expose this fraud, who teaches a false messiah! Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

Take this investment opportunity to EVERYONE who will listen and share it with them for their sake. But make no mistake… I am going to do this regardless even if I am the only investor and the only one who benefits in His Kingdom…

One would think that it Yahuah really wanted the self-esteemed Rav Shaul to translate the Scriptures, then He would provide the funds.  

As for being in His Kingdom, Paul Sides runs the risk of not being allowed in the Kingdom, for he denies that the divine Messiah came in the flesh. 

I know an opportunity when He presents it to me, and I am no fool… it take it in full. That is why He chose me!

Why did He chose you and bring you here? To sit back and watch and let everyone else sacrifice to see it through while you sit back and benefit? That is called “robbing God”… a position you do not want to find yourself in.

“Robbing God?”  Seriously?  From the supposed Nazarene who condemns the title of God.

So I offer you this opportunity to honor Yahuah and for your sake… do your part in bringing to “light” the Scriptures at the turn of the Ages. To whom much is given much is required… do not mock Yahuah, He will not allow it.

Paul Sides and his followers already mock Yahuah, by diminishing His beloved Son; proclaiming that He was 100% human and sinful.  

May we all be found worthy not worthless.

Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene)

Rav Sh’aul is misguided and dangerous, as he is misleading people who have come out of Christianity.

Read Paul Sides Is A False Bible Translator

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  1. please present me a list of his teaching (I have the same proof he does) and then show me where he or ScrIpture (or even the NT) is wrong. side by side. I want truth but you come across as jealous by what I have seen thus far. שלום


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