Paul Sides Deems Himself Anointed Of Yahuah To Rewrite The New Testament

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 12/29/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message: (my comments are in red)

Quieting the Critics!

People criticize Paul Sides because he teaches a false messiah.  Citing his resume doesn’t change that.  
As I have announced, Yahuah has anointed me to restore The Word of His Testimony, correct The Lying Pen of the Scribes, remove the pagan influences written into the Bible, and properly render the Writings of the Nazarenes which we call “The New Testament”.

Seriously? Based on his ‘translation’ of John 1, and Galatians 1-5; all he does is copy corrupt NIV verses, change the names to Yahuah and Yahusha, and insert His Yahushaic Covenant nonsense.  

It’s bad enough that the NIV is based on corrupt manuscripts which were written by people who sought to remove proofs of Messiah’s deity; but then Rav Sha’ul adds in his false teachings that Messiah was 100% human and a sinner.  And we’re supposed to believe that Yahuah anointed him for this work?  I think not!

I am not only going to properly translate these writings from the standpoint of a true Nazarene, but I am going to restore the needed context and give us a very easy to read and understand complete version from which to build our Doctrine in Righteousness.

Wasn’t that the mission of the corrupt NIV, which is an easy to read perversion of the Scriptures?

What he means is that he’s going to insert his false teachings about Messiah being 100% human and sinful; which changes the meaning of Scripture and is forbidden by Yahuah.

I am even going to show how ALL the translation efforts of the past have failed us and why. I will show how true translation is supposed to be done and expose all past efforts as utter failures for not following the main principle in translation… keep the intent and context at all costs from one language to the next.

Apparently only Paul Sides, aka Rav Shaul, can properly translate the Scriptures.  

Forget about Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, etc.; who fulfilled Bible prophecy in translating the Scriptures. Read Revelation 10 – The Little Book

And he is misleading people about translating it ‘from one language to the next’, because he does not know Hebrew or Greek well enough to be able to do that. 

One thing I constantly hear from my critics is that I am not qualified. I need “formal education” in matters pertaining to such an effort from human institutions. When not one man in the Bible was formally educated accept the Apostle Paul who was educated as a Pharisee.

It’s ironic that he’s speaking about ‘formal education’, of which he has a minor in English; but he doesn’t know the difference between ‘accept’ and ‘except’. 

I honestly don’t care what his formal education is, as people who have gone to seminary are handicapped; because the enemy has infiltrated them.

What we don’t realize is it then took the original Rav Sha’ul approximately 18 years once converting to The Yahushaic Covenant to be RETRAINED and reprogrammed from his human institutionalism BEFORE he was qualified to teach! His “education” was what stood in his way.

The original Rav Sha’ul did not covert to the supposed Yahushaic Covenant, he learned how Messiah confirmed/ratified the everlasting covenant with His blood.

The only thing required of a servant to accomplish a task is Yahuah’s Anointing. Nothing more and that I have been given.

However, he’s now going to bore you by exalting his background.
The truth is none of you actually know much about me other than my testimonial and what you can glean off of Facebook.

You have read my books and teachings and many of you have come away firmly believing I am a prophet having never seen such writings or anyone with the understanding “of all things” to bring the Scriptures to light as Yahuah does through me.

Listen to the arrogance.  He is proclaiming to have the understanding “of all things”. 

Paul Sides is a false teacher who teaches a false messiah, and a false prophet who gives false prophecy fulfillment explanations.

The reality is I am very educated and extremely qualified for this task. I didn’t just wake up one day and write The Original Revelation Series of 11 books that is changing lives across this Earth corner to corner. No, I have been trained for this my entire life.

I have never published my personal/professional biography which includes being recruited out of University by IBM as the number 1 second semester senior in the nation and widely regarded as a “genius”!

A real genius would know that the Torah forbids tattoos. Just sayin…

I have won awards in business that would make any father proud of his son. I have worked for Fortune 500 Companies and won the top honor in every position I have held. I had 3 patent requests with IBM in my first 90 days after they recruited me … before I even graduated college.

More to the point, I have formal education in Technical Writing, a minor in English which is the skill of taking hard to understand concepts and making them easy for the reader to comprehend. This is a MUCH needed skill when restoring The Word of His Testimony.

He has a minor in English, yet he consistently misspells words. 

Over a 9-year span I was the lead Technical Writer on over 37 translation teams responsible for translating books my team had written on very technical computer software products into every modern language. I won the “STINGenius Award” the highest honor at AMR Corp. for innovated solutions for creating and translating documentation, and went on to lead the documentation groups for years for IBM, USDATA Corp, AMR Corp., and I worked as a consultant for Microsoft and many other major corporations and software companies in this field.

This all sounds good, but where is the proof? Where is his LinkedIn profile?  I just don’t trust the man, who has proven to be a liar. 

I then started my own consulting firm called HyperTechs, Inc. and went on to great success and many major awards and honors.

When you Google “HyperTechs Inc paul sides” there is no mention of it, which is interesting. 

Why no mention of his boat and RV business, which has been doing since 2001?  That’s odd!

That is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t published my bio because I wanted to ensure this was Yahuah’s work and I was willing to let my name be diminished by false witnesses and liars for years without responding to any of their false allegations.

Anointed of Yahuah all his life?  Then why did he proclaim that Messiah was coming back in 2007?

I’ll skip over the not-so-anointed pictures that he’s posted on Facebook during the last 10 years. 

I have never gone about fighting with these false witness and touting my actual qualifications. I needed to know that this was a work of Yahuah being done through me and I didn’t want anyone to put their faith in my education and experience to do what only Yahuah can do with anointing.

And yet, here he is, proclaiming his supposed accomplishments; which don’t change the fact that he teaches a false messiah and false prophecy fulfillment explanations.

If people could read all the negative things said about me that are lies, and know nothing about the truth of my training, background, and education… and lives changed regardless of “who Paul Sides is” and even in spite of who they were being told I am by false witnesses, then I would have my answer.

Paul Sides is the liar. He has lied about me several times, including saying that I posted bad reviews of his book on Amazon.

The irony is that his lies about me caused me to create this website, so what was meant for evil, turned out for good. 🙂

Here is my answer. Without knowing anything about me or my qualifications, just simply reading my writing here is what people say about what they read.

I was still standing in my own way. The ramifications to what Yahuah has asked me to do are monumental and the implications simply to hard for me to believe so I have been dragging my feet on fulfilling my commission.

Teaching a false messiah has huge ramifications. 

Now that I have accepted the commission to restore The Word of His Testimony, I will publish my bio and put an end to those children would sit back and laugh as if I am not qualified when they know nothing of my qualifications because I have never given them.

Put an end to it?  Hardly!  You’re not qualified because you teach a false messiah!

My anointing has permeated my entire life, I have excelled in every area of life from athletics… to academics (strait A’s in Computer Science/Math one of the hardest degree/minor combinations there is)… to the military to ( I was awarded a top secret clearance and highly encouraged to make a career out of the military)… to being solicited not only by the largest corporations but also the US Gov’t. . I was one of the top boys in Texas chosen to go to “Boys State” coming out of High School where I was trained in how the government operates and encouraged to go into politics.

I seriously think that publishing his bio is a worse strategy than not publishing it, as his arrogance is shining through.

My entire life is a glowing confirmation and witness of Yahuah that I am His chosen servant for the turn of the Ages to restore the Word of His Testimony. But even verbalizing that makes me sound “like a mad man” and it has been very difficult to come to grips with. Trust me, I know how this sounds that is why I have never mentioned it to anyone. Now I am making it public at the age of 51 as my time has come.

Your entire life?  Really?

His chosen servant would not proclaim that Messiah is 100% human and a sinner.  His chosen servant would not teach that we can become as a god like Messiah.  

The hardest thing in my life so far is to sit back and not respond to all these spiritual children filled with The Spirit of the False Messiah who constantly attack my character and qualification of a man… they know NOTHING about who truly is very accomplished, educated, and formally trained in all the areas required to accomplish my commission.

This website proves that Paul Sides is a false teacher and a false prophet.  He denies the true Messiah; he proclaims a false messiah; and Rav Shaul Teaches His Followers That They Are Gods Just Like Yahusha

Rav Sha’ul

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