Rav Shaul Sabbath Covenant Ministry Is Out Of Money

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 12/07/17, on Facebook, Paul Sides, who writes on Sabbathcovenant.com as Rav Sha’ul, posted this message (My comments are in red):

The Sabbath Covenant is completely out of money. I just gave Ed what was left and shorted him $200 this week. People are cancelling their recurring donations on a very high rate and few are being added.

Well HalleluYah!  People must be seeing the truth about his false teachings.  

Normally I could make up the difference but my business dies over the holidays completely. I have been teaching more than I have been working so my situation is not good either.

One would think that YHUH would provide funds for Paul Sides, who esteems himself as a chosen vessel of the end times.

I am going to have to step back from teaching and focus on my business and my family’s needs, I am the only bread winner in my family and the support to teach just is not there for me to continue at this level of daily teaching.

His wife Stephanie relentlessly promotes her network marketing business on Facebook, and claims that she is making good money. Here’s a Facebook post that she just made on 12-08-17, regarding her commission for last month.

Stephanie Sides commission

Paul Sides is misleading you.

I hate posting these, makes me feel like I am begging for money when that should never have to happen. There at those who monitor my page and report back that this ministry if failing to prove I am a false teacher when I have to bring this continued need to those fed by this ministry.

Of course people monitor what Paul Sides teaches.  He is a false teacher regardless of whether people are supporting him or not. 

If you would like to support The Sabbath Covenant, probably the only ministry on Earth that actually teaches The Truth and invest in the Kingdom in a real way, below is the donate link.

Such arrogance! He teaches a false Messiah, and his prophecy fulfillment explanations are wrong.

He is a false teacher, a false prophet and a false bible translator; who is misleading people who have come out of Christianity!

Rav Sha’ul (the Nazarene)

Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

Paul Sides, Rav Shaul, flase teachings about Messiah

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5 thoughts on “Rav Shaul Sabbath Covenant Ministry Is Out Of Money”

  1. SCRIPTURE clearly days not to mark our bodies..i wrote to him said man i hope them tatts you have are from the past??his replie floored me,,,said the almigjty approves of his tatts…well i will say this in judgment i do believe aka jesus is the one to come in his own name(anti Christ)and does mean earth pig..i have most of his books but have not read them all…he is heavy into a heavenly scroll a subject i have not really touched,but scripture also does say not to worship the stars(much to be understood granted)thru your watch i also understand his wife is a boozer maybe even gets drunk??not good .well again him saying his tatts are approved
    Dis credits him.i do consider tje message more than the messanger.and take into consideration the roots of soumd bites even from aka christianity..just my thoughts

    • Yeah, he defends his tattoos, even though Scriptural forbids them. And more than that, the Father said to not use His name in vain, yet Paul Sides has it tattooed on his body.

  2. 1. the man Yahusha’ was not born supernaturally, ĥis mother and her cousin did have their “wombs touched” but JTB was never called a virgin birth. Isaiah 7:14 involved sexual contact. Mathew 2-2 speaks of both spiritual sperm yet also speaks of Joseph “being aroused, took her for his wife”….which we both know he didn’t take her to vegas. And I could go on but next….
    2. agreed
    3.i cannot confirm but the immersion was to put off the old man. if born deity,he would not need circumcision nor immersion. Just spiritual theatre?
    4. was born human, agreed
    5.Hebrews uses “became” and “become”, agreed.
    6. Other post abomination writings have just as much initial credibility as the NT.
    7. I recall both a “don’t touch me I have not acended” and a “feel my hands”, that’s the NT for us!!



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