Paul Sides Steals Phone Numbers Off Craigslist

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 05/23/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this about supporting his ministry: (My comments are in red)

I am looking for those who would like to contribute to my time to teach but can not afford to financially.

If you have 2 hours/day to cut/paste phone numbers from Craig’s List and email them to me… as your contribution financially to The Sabbath Covenant… that would free my time up dramatically from my “curse” of having to spend all day every day trying to make a living.

He runs his business by copying phone numbers off of Craigslist ads, to apparently spam them with calls or text messages about his business.  

If these people did not request information from him, then sending it to them is spam, and could be considered illegal.

If you would like to help The Sabbath Covenant in that way, so I can spend less time working and more time teaching, writing books, and doing videos give us all the needed ammunition in The Battle of the Ages… leave your name below and I will be in touch.

You would need a smart phone with a hotspot connection and a laptop. It cannot be done on a phone or via a wifi connection. You must have both a smart phone and a laptop that can connect to your cell’s hotspot.

Why does it have to be through their laptop via their mobile phone hotspot connection?  That sounds pretty suspicious to me. 

It appears that he is using this strategy of connecting to the internet, to hide the IP address of the laptop, so that it can’t be tracked to the person who is stealing phone numbers.

Rav Sha’ul

Whatever he’s doing, it doesn’t seem like a legitimate way to market to people.  And now he’s involving his followers in his sketchy business practices.  Ugh!

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