Paul Sides Pleads For Support

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this about supporting his ministry: (My comments are in red)

Please support The Sabbath Covenant. What I am called to do from this point forward requires your support.

One would think that Yahuah would provide the funding, if He is behind the ministry.

I have decided this ministry can make a much larger impact if I find a way to give these books away. People are lazy and cheap. They will not invest in their own education, but they don’t mind if I invest in it for them. So if that is what I must do… so be it.

If people don’t value the content of his books enough to pay for them, then most people won’t bother to read them if they are given them for free.

But I have no other way to support this ministry if I am not compensated for the years of effort it has taken to bring these books, videos, and website to the people.

So I need support from the family of Nazarenes. I have no one else to turn to. We either make this happen or we don’t, we rise or fall together.

I am about to introduce my plan to get these books into the hands of anyone who wants them for free. I hope you all will join me in that effort. And invest in His Kingdom by supporting this ministry.

There are so many things I want to do and I simply have to have the time to do it. Many things that Yahuah has given me, and me alone… no one else. I am about to explode knowing there is so much more I have not yet revealed and taught.

I understand.  Yahuah has given to me to expose the false teachings of Rav Shaul.

So I do not have a choice. He hasn’t chosen another for what He has given to me. That is very humbling, even scary, a daunting task that makes me wonder not only if I am worthy, but am I capable. He has answered that question over the past few years. So now it is only a question of “will I” and “will you” support it.

What happened to your Bitcoin crowd-funding idea from Ger Zimmerman, that was going to support your ministry?  Did you find out that it’s an illegal pyramid scheme, that just moves money from one person’s pocket to another?

Of course, I have served Him for 30 years without support in any way. But I can no longer justify working and putting my time into anything else to support myself when I know that what I have been tasked to do is unique and time is running out.

Paul Sides cites 30 years of serving Yahuah, but pictures like this tell a different story.

Arrogant Paul Sides with his immodest wife

I ask you all, humbly, to join me in this effort. Not only supporting it financially but learning and spreading these truths with me! WE ARE THE LAST DAY NAZARENES! Now, let us act like it.

Rav Sha’ul (The Nazarene)
Invest in The Sabbath Covenant AND your future in The Kingdom.

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  1. I have to admit the pictures are damnable,but i will also consider the words MORE.he does expose false doctrine

    • I removed the pictures. They reveal truth about Paul and Stephanie, but I decided to just focus on Paul’s false teachings.


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