Paul Sides Offends His Flat Earth Followers

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on as Rav Sha’ul, posted this about the flat earth theory: (My comments are in red)

The previous post is called Paul Sides Last Word On The Flat Earth Occult Doctrine, but I guess it really wasn’t his last word.

Funny how the FE calls everyone “ignorant” who does not accept their Occult religion. When the table is turned on them, and it is exposed as such… oh how “offended” they get that you called them ignorant. Hypocrites them all.

Let me provide yet one more piece of obvious ignorance of the FE and those who have fallen for it.

Yahuah has established a fixed pattern of MOVEMENT for both the stars AND the Earth.

—– Jeremiah 33:25 —–
“Thus says Yahuah, ‘If My covenant (a line separating) the day and night stand not, and the fixed patterns (of movement) of heaven AND earth I have not established.

He calls this “covenant” His “line over the Earth” as this fixed path of spinning and rotating creates a line over a Globe separating day and night… ONLY on a Globe.

—– Job 38:5 —–
Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who stretched THE LINE upon it?

There is no “line” over a Flat Earth! The Sun is a flashlight casting a small rotating circle of light on just small portions of the “flat plane” over a 24 hour period… no line whatsoever over a flat plane.

Now, go to the North Pole. There is a 7-month period of daylight every year. That is because the Earth is rotating on a tilt! The North Pole is tilted toward the Sun for that 7-months. This is absolute Truth. If the Sun was a rotating flashlight, then the rest of the Earth would be in darkness for 7-months because the Sun gets “stuck” in rotation just over the North Pole, and never makes it around to the rest of the “flat plane”!!!

Oh… while I’m at it, there is also a 4 month period of DARKNESS over the South Pole at the exact time of the period of light over the North. Because the Earth is a GLOBE and the top faces the stationary Sun and bottom faces away from it, as the Earth spins on a tilt.

If the Sun is a small “flashlight” rotating over a flat plane, then why is 1/2 the Earth getting light at the same time and the other half not?!?! The only explanation is a spinning globe. The FE is complete nonesense.

I agree that the flat earth theory is complete nonsense, which is why I created the Flat Earth Deception website.

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