Rav Shaul Pretends That His Impatience With Flat Earthers Was Part Of A Lesson

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On Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on Sabbathcovenant.com as Rav Sha’ul, posted this about the flat earth theory: (My comments are in red)

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Enough of this. A lesson in teaching: Comparison and Contrast!
Sha’ul! This is not like you? Why are you acting like this? You are normally very understanding, patient, and teach under control. Never attacking another personally, only showing us the true meaning of things, in love, and under control! What is going on?!?!?

He said Put up or SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He called flat earthers idiots and blocked them, and now he is pretending that it was all part of a lesson, not him being impatient.

A teacher has to decide which method to employ to get his point across most effectively. He can use “comparison” or “contrast”.

CONTRAST ———————————————————————
Over the past 2 years, I have chosen to use comparison in how I deal with the Flat Earth movement. Instead of treating them, like they treat everyone else… I simply did not address the FE because it is not important. While I am firmly in the camp of the Heliocentric Model (and for very good reason as we have learned), I do not teach that or the FE. I teach The Heavenly Scroll! Which, that scroll, is independent of the shape of the Earth. We all look up and see the Sun moving through the constellation exactly the same no matter what shape we “think” the Earth is… it does not change what we see in the stars and that is where the Plan of Salvation is written. But I never belittled, condemned, or taught against the FE. I showed respect for those who believed and taught it as if the Globe is “The Great Deception” and all that matters.

Hoping to set an example of how a son of Yahuah is to behave and teach and show by contrast how the FEers treat those who do not agree with their interpretation of the data. They condemn, call names, discredit, call us under a Luciferian deception, and basically complete idiots. The way they treat everyone else not in their camp is unacceptable and not how a Nazarene behaves. Their FRUIT more than anything proves what they believe is not from Yahuah.
I repeatedly asked the FEers not to redirect every teaching and post I make to the FE debate. Stop wordsmithing my posts for words like planet and Universe, taking the attention away from the very important message of the post, which is totally unrelated to the shape of the Earth.
I warned them over and over not to bring me into this debate, I do not want to be in it, and do not want my time and the time of those who listen to me to be wasted on something that is clearly declared in Scripture NOT to be relevant to the Plan of Salvation.

But they would not listen, the FE is all that matters to them, it is The Great Deception (when Incarnation is the Biblical definition of the Great Deception, not the Globe). No matter how many times I politely asked them to stop turning my Facebook page into a FE appropriate page, and degrade and demean my posts… they simply would not honor my request, respect my right to decide what I teach on my page, and kept trying to “change the conversation” on every post back to promote the FE. That is their Gospel message and what they go to the Nations to convert others to believe. That is not the Gospel message I teach, and they simply would not respect that.

COMPARISON —————————————————————-
Since contrast did not work. Setting an example of tolerance and understanding that the data is confusing and can be interpreted either way and the Scriptures really do not support a conclusive view of either because it doesn’t matter. Trying to show them how you can respect both sides, not attack the one you don’t agree with, and you should be focused on the real Gospel Message contained in The Heavenly Scroll.

I decided to teach using “comparison”. To act like they do, block everyone who disagrees with me, delete their post so they do not have a voice in the debate, demean them, call them names “occult” and “Gaia Worshippers”, and stupid, ignorance, and utterly brain dead. Basically, act like them and show them by comparison “how it feels” to be treated like that and dismissed as if they simply do not have a brain any longer and it has been replaced with a brainwashed lump of brain matter by The Flat Earth Society which has its roots in African Occult.

Did they like it! Nope. They did what they said they would, and posted my name all over their “groups” and Skiba (or whatever his name is) the main leader of that religious movement attacked me on my page along with several others posting literally HUNDREDS of posts one after the other in the dead of night last night. My computer sounded like a machine gun with alert after alert going off non-stop all night long. They came at me with full force of numbers and as to “pressure me” and show their number and their influence.

So just so you all know. While this was Rav Sha’ul posting the past few days, it was a teacher who had tried the first method of instruction, it failed. So I employed the other method and behaved exactly like the FEers do. In an effort to try and open their eyes not really to the reality of a Globe (they will never again consider the evidence) but to illustrate to them giving them a “taste of their own medicine” how it feels to be on the other end of their non-stop attacks.

Did it work? Probably not lol! 🙂 But I felt like it was worth a shot…

He lost some of his followers, so I think that it worked great!  But I don’t buy that it was all part of a lesson.

Rav Sha’ul

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