Rav Sha’ul Cites SabbathCovenant.com Financial Hardship

This website serves to expose Paul Sides as a false teacher.

On 01/24/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on Sabbathcovenant.com as Rav Sha’ul, wrote: (My comments are in red)

One of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my life is come to you and offer you the opportunity to invest in Yahuah’s Kingdom and this special and very unique message of The Sabbath Covenant.

Why would that be difficult if it was the will of Elohim? Pride issues?

While it should not be a thing that brings me shame, I am made to feel ashamed for “asking for money” although it is commanded of me to offer this ministry as an opportunity for all of those who believe in it to be a part of it.

It is also commanded that we all support the growth of the Kingdom by bearing the financial burdens associated with that… Those He has anointed to teach and serve “on the front lines” with their lives.

Wow, we have to finance the growth of the kingdom!?!  No, it was commanded that the 12 tribes support the Levites, who did not have a career; but there is no command to support people who market their books on Amazon.

This ministry experiences a full frontal assault daily from false witnesses who try and discredit it. It sometimes is a struggle just to remain positive. This ministry does not appeal to a broad audience as does every other ministry for obvious reasons.

Now why would people try to discredit Rav Sha’ul’s ministry?  Maybe because he teaches that Messiah was 100% human and a sinner?  Yeah, that wouldn’t appeal to the broad audience who can read Scripture, which proclaims that He existed beforehand and that He was sinless. Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher

Maybe because Rav Sha’ul Proclaims To Be God And Forgive Sins?

It is unafraid and unyielding to the whims of tradition and religion and in “in the face” of Jesus Christ and any attempt to deify and worship The Messiah no matter what name you call him. We worship Yahuah alone… really. No playing games with incarnation, no word twisting to justify idolatry.

No word twisting?!? What a joke!  He uses the NIV Bible are his main source, which has already twisted the words; and then he inserts His Yahushaic Covenant nonsense, making Messiah into a mere human.   Read Paul Sides Is A False Bible Translator

At this point, I am going forced to return back to my business and try and make some money to continue the weeks and months ahead. That breaks my heart, because it is the joy of my life to minister to, serve, and teach those Yahuah loves and I do it with all my heart and ALL my time.

Yahuah clearly isn’t blessing the SabbathCovenant.com ministry to support him and Ed.  I think that is an answer to prayer.  🙂

I can think of no greater honor. And as a “warrior for the truth” I am one of the most well trained with a very unique message and ability to deliver it. But I am hindered by this financial burden. I have a family.

I pray that he is hindered even more, so that he is unable to mislead more people into believing in a false human, sinful, messiah.

Who Is Paul Sides, aka Rav Sha’ul?

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