Rav Shaul’s Mistranslation of John 3:13

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On 01/24/17, on Facebook Paul Sides, who writes on Sabbathcovenant.com as Rav Sha’ul, wrote: (My comments are in red)

I want to address John 3:13 because it is  used by those who do not understand what they read, as “proof” of incarnation.

As usual he talks down to people who can read the clear declaration of Scripture.  The ISR 98 renders John 3:13 as  “And no one has gone up into the heaven except He who came down from the heaven – the Son of Aḏam.”  Pretty straight-forward stuff!

Much like John Chapter 1 is used mistakenly, when John Chapter 1 really speaks against incarnation and for Yahusha being the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll.

He cites his mistranslation of John 1 as evidence.  Ugh!  Read Rav Sha’ul’s Mis-Translation Of John 1

John 3:13 is yet another “sound bite” taken totally out of context, and used to promote the lie of incarnation, The Spirit of the False Messiah.  Every false “christ” throughout the ages of mankind has been based on The Spirit of the False Messiah … Incarnation.

Now why would hasatan create the concept of incarnation among his pagan deities?  To steal glory from Yahusha, who came from heaven to redeem the set-apart ones for His Father.

Incarnation was created in Babylon and is the “Mystery” in Mystery Babylon that survives even today.”

He is calling Scripture a “sound bite”, when it obviously is one proof among many which proves that Messiah existed beforehand.  Of course he has to attempt to make it seem like it was translated wrong, because it defies his heretical teaching that Messiah was 100% human and a sinner.  Read Paul Sides Is A False Teacher for more proofs.

Mystery, Babylon the great, is not incarnation.  It is describing the apostate, harlot Roman Catholic Church; which created the Roman religion of Christianity, based on the Babylonian Mysteries. Read Revelation 17 – Mystery Babylon

The passage in John 3:13 is lost on most who read it because it has been altered and twisted by the Greeks and then mistranslated into English.  It is taught as “proof of pre-existence” and incarnation.

It proclaims that Messiah came from heaven and will return there, so yeah, it’s one of many proofs.

However, keeping “context” in place, we can further understand what Yahusha is speaking about when we shed the blinding light of CONTEXT from other passages of scripture. First, let’s correct the poor English version with a more accurate translation to the Hebrew Mindset and language.
“no one hath ascended into heaven” in John 3:13 should read “no one has penetrated the heavenly mysteries” as the word in question is ἀναβαίνω.

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon for STRONGS NT 305: ἀναβαίνω tells us this should have been translated “who have penetrated the heavenly mysteries” in John 3:13, as the Messiah understood “the Heavenly counsel” which is the definition of the word “Zodiac” stemming from the Hebrew root ‘sode’ whicas I have shown earlier in this Note.

Here is what Strong’s NT says for ‘ascended up‘: to go up (literally or figuratively):—arise, ascend (up), climb (go, grow, rise, spring) up, come (up).

Where does it say “who have penetrated the heavenly mysteries”?  It doesn’t!

Below is the entry for Strong’s 305, notice the proper understanding is FIGURATIVELY not literally, and it means “penetrate the Heavenly Mysteries” not literally “ascend to Heaven” as it is mistransled; because Yahusha understood the “divine counsel” i.e. The Heavenly Scroll!!!

Notice that Strong’s says “to go up (literally or figuratively)”!

So the true translation is (when you remove the effects of Hellenism from the text):
John 3: 13 No no one ascends up to penetrate the Heavenly Mysteries (to break the seals over and read The Heavenly Scroll) , except the one who came from (The Plan of Salvation written in) The Heavenly Mysteries (The Heavenly Scroll) — (as pictured by Orion) the Son of Man” —

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths the pagan Greek translators and modern English Bibles go to, to deceive us into thinking Yahusha pre-existed and came down from some mythical placed called heaven. When every reference is to the fact that Yahusha came to fulfill that which is written down in The Heavenly Scroll, as he understood the “divine counsel” called The Heavenly Scroll!

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that heretic Rav Sha’ul goes to in order to try to prove that Messiah was 100% human!  And the sheer arrogance to proclaim that only he can render Scripture properly!

Read Paul Sides Is A False Bible Translator

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